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We just wanted to thank you for Dre. He is just wonderful, it is obvious by his temperament that he came from a loving, social and playful environment. Words can’t explain the joy he has brought to our lives, he had us wrapped around his paw the minute we picked him up. Thanks for being so easy to get ahold of and so informative through out all of this.
Adel S. Simpsons
Huntsville AL
You guys gave us a wonderful addition to our family. My baby Lola, is the sweetest and most precious puppy. Thank you Bulldog Shelter Homes for adding her loving magic to our lives. I know that her demeanor is because of your wonderful nurturing during the first several weeks of her life. God Bless You! I will recommend anyone looking to get a bulldog puppy.
Edward L. Boon
Joplin MO
We got our boy Shady from this shelter home last year and wanted to just say ..It was the best thing we did! He has been my life saver , and we continue to travel and explore the world together . Thanks to Frenchies Rescue Homes. I was able to find an awesome match and the people were so wonderful to us ! Can’t thank everyone enough for our our boy Shady.
John Doe
Tamassee SC
Seamless puppy buying experience. Jacob and Roger were always responsive towards answering our questions throughout the whole process. We are happy to have Maisie (aka Tayla) here as a part of our family.
Peter McGowan
Riverton WY
We picked up our French bulldog puppies from Frenchies Rescue Home. They were kind and the puppies were happy, in good health and adorable. We have had them for 6 months now and they are playful, happy, sweet pups. My family has never been happier. I was skeptical at first but i can recommend 120% that they are worth getting puppies from them.
Jeffery C. Midgette
Atlants GA
It was 2011 when my daughter asked for a bully. I asked what was that so she explained. So the search was on surfing the internet for a good breeder. I truly believe God lead us to you guys. They allowed us to purchase a male bully which we named Bentley. He’s been a joy to our family every since.
Scott M. Simoes
Atlanta GA
We have two sons, age 5 and 3, and always felt they needed to grow up with a dog. After much research, we decided that a bulldog would be a fit for our family—active enough to keep up with two rowdy boys, We spoke to several breeders and none seemed to be a fit for our family. We had just about decided to give up the search for another year when we stumbled upon the Frenchies Rescue website and spotted a still available puppy named Jam. We had to email them and they got back to us via the number we left on the mail which they explained to us how the adoption process works, we knew this family and their dogs were special.
Georgia D. Swatzell
Baltimore MD
We picked up our girl last year, she is the sweetest puppy and has become the center of our family. Our experience with Frenchies Rescue was fantastic. The website was easy to navigate and made it easy for me to fall in love with my little puppy. I made an offer and received a text within 20 minutes to discuss it over the phone. I’m a first-time dog owner and Frenchies Rescue made it so easy to arrange the purchase and pick-up. Piper is healthy and happy. I’ve referred friends to this site because I was so pleased with my puppy and the service we received.
Pauline P. Guffey
Green Bay WI
We feel so lucky to have found such a loving and adorable addition to our family. He is just the happiest and friendliest little guy. Random strangers stop us all the time to tell us how cute he is and ask where we got him! He was initially shedding a lot of his puppy fur but now he is almost 14 weeks and doesn’t shed much at all. He is very smart and is doing well with the invisible fence and potty training is always a struggle but we are getting there. We just love him to pieces!!!
Eddie J. Kelly
Sacramento CA
I was a little skeptical at first to buy a puppy off the website like this but I fell in love with Shadow (we have named him Onyx) He is the sweetest thing ever our family has falling in love. He is very cute. Anna Riehl was the breeder. She was very nice. She answered all my question and I took the 2 hr and 30 min drive to PA to get my baby boy! If I ever need another puppy. I would definitely use them again! Helen Randolph
James S. Bailey
San Jose CA
My boyfriend and I had been researching getting a French bulldog puppy and we were led to Frenchies Rescue. After looking at their puppies (I wanted all of them lol), we decided on a cute little guy named Addis (currently named Atticus). The staff at Frenchies Rescue Home made the process of buying a puppy a great experience. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We drove to Florida to pick up our pup and could not be happier with our decision! Atticus is such a good boy….very clever, smart, loving and playful!
Rosalie L. Capasso
Arlington TX
Our Boy Otto formerly called Tobby is a very cool, cute and playful boy, he is great with people (including children) and other animals (he thinks everyone we come across on our daily walks is there to see and play with him lol)! He has brought so much joy to our lives and we truly adore him! After we brought Otto home, Frenchies Rescue followed up with us several times to ensure that Otto was doing well and transitioning properly. I highly recommend Frenchies Rescue to anyone looking to buy/adopt a puppy. They are wonderful and we gone definitely be getting another puppy from them in the future!!
Courtney Bynum
Colorado Springs CO
My grand daughter had been asking for a frenchie puppy for over a year. We had searched for a French Bulldog puppy for a while but they were either over priced or obvious scams. Frenchies Rescue has been awesome great experience buying Domino, the process was very easy. My son went to pick him up at the airport and he was so cute and eager to play. The follow was great and Domino has adapted very well. All of our family loves him and we are thankful he is part of our family now.
Christopher S. York
Milwaukee WI
Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that Oliver is doing great! He is the love of our lives and is well on his way to being bell trained. He has only had a handful of accidents in the house. He is putting on a little weight and has an appointment tomorrow for his last set of vaccinations. He is doing so well we are actually considering getting him a brother! So please keep us updated on your future frenchie litters. We have attached a couple of pictures and would be willing to be used as a reference if you have the need. Richard and Celia Heyes 
Celia L. Hayes
Denver CO
Hi Frenchies Rescue, just thought I would take a minute and update you on Ollie. He is now over 5 months old, he just got neutered and chipped, and he did real well. We attended a puppy class with him at pet smart, and met a lot of people that I have sent your way. They all just thought he was the sweetest and cutest little dog ever. He is so smart. He was basically potty trained the very day we brought him home (maybe 5 accidents, total). He has learned tons of tricks, so many that I am running out of things to teach him. The whole family just adores him. He is definitely spoiled, but only in good ways. I just can’t thank you enough, I just couldn’t image my life without him now. Thanks for all you do!
Mary Wagoner
Lancaster PA
Just a quick update on Jaxson. He is doing Great! All house trained and he has completed 2 puppy training classes. He loves being with other dogs and we have found a good group for him to play with. He runs for the door to go for walks and play outside. He has really turned out to be a sweet little guys who loves to play. Thanks for all you do!
Ivory G. Michel
El Paso TX
I just wanted to update you on Zenco, he is doing GREAT. We all love him very much and he is very spoiled . He is a very smart and outgoing puppy , however he is certainly no great protector lol . He has a lot of personality , and he thinks he’s the boss …. which we have had to let him know otherwise . He is a Mama’s boy that is for sure. He just finished with puppy preschool where he learned to be around other people and other puppies and not be afraid.
Dino D. Delgado
Johnstown PA
We received our puppy Baxter, now Dude in November 2019. He was shipped from companion Pups. He came in a carrying crate with food, water and preventative medicine. The vet was impressed and so were we on his arrival. We immediately fell in love when we saw him. He is so smart, friendly, and loving. He gets along with every dog and human he meets. As first time dog-owners, we could not ask for a better dog or experience than we had with Premier Pups.
Anthony Sexton
Chicago LA
We are already in love with Ellie and she’s only been a part of our family for 16 days! Ellie learns very quickly and can sit; lie down, shake and come when called. Plus she’s an avid Ohio State fan! Premier Pups has been very supportive and cares about their puppies.
George L. Moran
Ohio Columbus
Thank you guys for a great experience with purchasing our French baby Lexy! Your services were extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Our baby has just been fantastic! Words can’t describe how smart and lovable this dog is! I highly recommend Frenchies Rescue to anyone contemplating purchasing a new bulldog. This is the place to get your dog, don’t bother looking anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed guys.
Alise M. Holton
Austin TX
We picked up Roxy and our life has been so full ever since. She is 6.5 months old and has been easy to train and she plays so well with people and other dogs. CP really found us a gem of a dog and we will be back to get another!
Tracie Lachance
Ozark MO
Love this little girl! She transitioned into our home extremely well. She a joy to have she loves kids and has a blast running around with the cats. This was our first experience at Companion pups and it was the best! Friendly staff and they are there for you to call anytime if you have questions or concerns I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a little bundle of joy to their family?
Richard Duran
Aurora CO
Our family had a great experience adopting Echo from Terrific Maltese Home. Great customer service, especially Kacee. She was so helpful sending pictures and videos, and answering all the questions. Echo transition great in our home. The puppy transitional essential and preventive medications where so helpful. The follow up via email ( instructions) and phone calls, was excellent!!! Echo is a beautiful puppy!!! She is so much loved!! Thank you!!!!
Aaron T. Wise
Peterson NJ
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