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Frenchies Rescue is a passionate friendly organization dedicated in Breeding, rescuing and re-homing french bulldogs in need of a new home. We work tirelessly to provide them with love, care, and a chance at a forever home. With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of these adorable breed.

Don’t border about health condition, all our French bulldogs for sale, are Akc Reg.  come with full health guarantee.  Also all our Frenchies for sale breed stock is genetic health tested 4 panel clear! No matter which French bulldog puppies for sale you purchase, all come with the same guarantee.  Blue and tan Frenchie puppies are just gorgeous whether they are merle, non merle, or Fluffy French Bulldog puppies.

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Vet Care

Our Vet is carried out with great care and compassion. The staff is knowledgeable and experienced in providing excellent healthcare to these beloved companions. They take the time to understand each individual pup’s needs and develop a personalized plan of care that is tailored to their individual needs.

Puppy Vaccination

The puppy vaccinations helps to protect puppies from potentially fatal diseases. When our puppies reach the age of 8 weeks, we begin their vaccinations. This is usually done in a series of shots, with the first shot being a combination vaccine which protects against viruses such as distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis.

Puppy Care

We show our French Bulldog puppies lots of love and affection! We provide them with regular meals, plenty of fresh water and daily exercise to help keep them healthy and happy. We do Groom them regularly and trim their nails as needed. Take them for regular vet check-ups to ensure they are in good health.


With us at Frenchies Rescue Home, all our Frenchies for sale are built with amazing structure.  Our Frenchies are short, compact, solid, come in all of the rarest colors and coat types.  Looking for the perfect new family member? Check out our available Frenchie puppies!

Litter News!  We have 7 puppies available & ready for their forever home!  To reserve a puppy please contact us with the puppy’s name.  You can get in touch with us now! while they’re still available! 

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Fast and Reliable Home Delivery

At Frechies Rescue Home, We offer fast and reliable home delivery of our puppies as an important part of providing a successful and enjoyable puppy-owning experience. To ensure the safe and efficient delivery of our puppy, the puppy would be examined by our veterinarian prior to delivery, and adequate preparation would be made to ensure the puppy's comfort and safety in transit.

Returns and Returns

We strive to ensure that all our adopters get the satisfaction they deserve. If you are not completely satisfied with your new adopted paw, we offer a hassle-free refund and return policy. In case the owner is unable to keep the puppy he will receive a refund or replacement of another puppy if the original puppy is found to be unhealthy or has a genetic issue. This is done to ensure that puppies are not abandoned or left in unsuitable living conditions.

Health Guarantee

Making the commitment to add a furry friend does not end when you get home. As fellow puppy owners, we know the importance of having a happy and healthy puppy.

No Puppy Mill Pledge

We have zero tolerance toward puppy mills and pride ourselves in connecting you with honest and reputable breeders where puppies are raised with love and compassion.

Puppy Travel

No matter where you are located, we will do our best to ensure your puppy has as close to an enjoyable and stress-free experience as possible.


Our mission include Breeding, rescuing and rehabilitating French Bulldogs.  We provide them with medical care, love, and support until they find their forever homes.

Your donations help us provide food, medical attention, grooming, foster care, and research for our rescues. Join us in making a difference in the lives of these adorable frenchies.

Why choose us ?

It’s easy and stress-free to locate and bring home your furry friend with us!
When you choose to adopt a puppy from us, you are not only giving a loving home to a deserving pup, but you are also making a difference in their lives. Our puppies are carefully selected, vet checked and provided with necessary medical care before being placed in their forever homes.  By adopting from us, you are supporting our mission and helping us to continue our rescue efforts.
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French bulldog puppies can make wonderful pet, but it’s important to carefully consider whether this breed is a good fit for your lifestyle before you can adopt.  French bulldogs are known for their playful and affectionate personalities, but they can also be stubborn and sensitive.


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Best place to buy french bulldog puppies online

Looking for your new best friend?  A Frenchie could be the best choice for you! We work with some of the best French Bulldog Genetics 🧬 in the world.  Our sires and dams are producing some of the most beautiful and rare French bulldog puppies for sale.  All our Sires and Dams are 4 panel health clear and have had both genetic health screening as well as color testing.  If you are searching for the best breeders for your next best friend, make sure they are raised in their home, not from a puppy mill or Amish puppy farm.  Remember the saying, you get what you pay for.

Frenchie Puppies for sale near me

Frenchies Rescue Home puppies are stunning in conformation for structure and size.   There is such variation these days in the quality and structure of the dog itself can look many different ways.  Being Frenchie breeders, we see some French bulldogs homeless on the street so all we can do is to rescue them and give them a better home.

When you purchase from us, you are purchasing what we believe a Frenchie should be in genetics, looks, health and temperament.  If you are searching only for Frenchie breeders near me, you are going to restrict yourself to quite a bit of high quality programs.  Keep in mind that most higher level Frenchie Breeders near me can send their pups with nannies direct to you.

About our Studs

Frenchies Rescue home currently have 11 studs available in our program that offer a variety of traits to our program.  Max is the newest stud to our Rescue  program. We are excited to see him mature and produce some beautiful litters in the future!

Where to buy french bulldog stud Online

We highly recommend that you do not consider buying a frenchie stud on “facebook or social medial” post.

Buying the right french bulldog stud is key to enjoying what the breed standard is supposed to be.  However, when you buy a stud from us, you do not only receive a health guarantee, you also receive years of support and decades of genetic work all in one.

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